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The Oona – A Versatile Mount

There are probably 1001 phone mounts available from phone shops or online. This Kickstarter project called The Oona, seems more versatile than most. The designers set out to solve these use cases and more:

  • A GPS on the windshield of your car
  • A reference device on a white board or Refrigerator
  • The ability to mount your smart phone to a tripod to take photos or video
  • Hands free viewing of a movie, playing on your smart phone
  • A simple stand to keep your phone in view on your desk at work

It is a well designed and versatile mount which you can use in a lot of ways. I got two when I pledged for the Kickstarter project, and honestly it feels good to help projects that have potential and genuine ingenuity. I tried it out in different situations, the one drastic point is that the back of the phone or pda or e-reader needs to be smooth for the suction to hold the item.

Overall I was impressed and kept using it on my desk, tried it in my car, and even stuck it to the fridge and left it for a few hours. Its flexible and very useful, and one of the best parts is able to use it with my tripod, the guys who made it really wanted to use it every way.