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Avoid 5th Ring Road


This is one of the things that I really get annoyed with. On Friday and Saturday mornings from 6 am onwards there is almost no one on the road, and the roads belong to the bikers. Over the past three weeks there have police check points just after going under the round about on the Visa Round About heading towards Bede’a on 5th. It is a speed trap since everyone is used to traveling 120 on 5th Ring Road, but just before going the underpass it changes from 120 kph to 80 so if you are going 130 kph then you are doing 50 kph over the speed limit and they fine you, take your license and registration. Some cars also get towed depending on how fast they were going, and they were even stopping bikers. Most of the time police leave bikers alone but at this check point they pull people over and either tow them or hold them for a few hours.

I would honestly think that they would have much better things to do instead of hassling people that early in the morning and it police check point starts around 6 or 7 am, ends around 10 or 11 am on both Friday and Saturday.