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Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol

The IMF is shut down when it’s implicated in the bombing of the Kremlin, causing Ethan Hunt and his new team to go rogue to clear their organization’s name.

When they kept saying IMF I kept thinking International Monetary Fund but I kept reminding myself that this is some secret US Government Agency. We are back with Ethan Hunt, “Your mission, should you decide to accept it … This Message Will Self Destruct”. This time around the team are on their own, they are being framed for the destruction of the Kremlin and things are getting interesting. The action is nonstop stop from the get go and they go from one continent to the other trying to figure out what their enemy will do next. The action is great but the story was somewhat disconnected, it seems they wanted the action to top over thing else which it did and a lot of times things didn’t make any sense. Ethan Hunt could fight off a team of trained assassins but gets his butt handed to him by one evil genius with zero fighting capability. Still it was a lot of fun to watch and if you are looking for some action then this movie is it for you, and don’t expect too much from it.

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