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Pick Yo – The Frozen Yogurt Of Choice

Last year in Kuwait it was the year of the yogurt, since the arrival of Pinkberry everyone went nuts about Frozen Yogurt, it became the trend. Over the last year there is one place that stood out for me more then the rest Pick Yo, and concentrated on quality and health, and didn’t sacrifice an ounce of taste. In Kuwait we are a very picky people, if the food is good the service has to be good too or we won’t like it either but in this case their service is fantastic.

They have two locations, one in the city and the other in Kaifan, and the main reason I keep entering Kaifan is because of them. They really do concentrate on health and taste, I love the taste of the original frozen yogurt and the small cup is only 97 Calories and the guy behind it is trying to reduce it. Something so small yet has so little amount of calories, and so damn tasty. You can also get a large selection of toppings, they are endless, but I tend to like it as is, just the original taste.

You can call and place your order with all your toppings and tell them the change you have, when you drive up to Kaifan Co-op they have it read and with the change, they even tell you how long it will take so you can plan it. But the best part is the party pack, you place your order and they arrange it into a nice plastic bucket with dry ice in the middle keeping it nice and cold even in the summer. Quality Frozen Yogurt, a very healthy choice, and the party pack fits the bill.

Link: PickYo