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Upgraded WordPress to 3.31 Thanks to Jacqui

Just as I was getting back to writing a few posts today since I found a minute to take a break I realized that something strange but didn’t think much about it. At around 7 pm when I was about to write a post everything on the backend of WordPress went berserk, the posts looked fine and the search and all the buttons were working but the backend was all jumbled up. There was a short moment of panic since I didn’t know what the hell was going on and I really didn’t like that feeling. For those who don’t know it says on the bottom my blog was put together by to awesome techies, Ananyah and Jacqui, and in this case I emailed Jacqui with the subject line “MAYDAY MAYDAY” and as usual she replied instantly! I sent her a screen shot of my messed up WordPress and basically said help, she replied that she will get to it in 30 mins which she did. After a little while she told me to check the backend and was totally different, she updated it to WordPress 3.31 with everything up to date and working smoothly, 3.31 is so cool and smooth. I have spent a few hours tinkering on the backend and I’m loving it, seriously Jacqui is a savior as usual and between the two of them they always come up with some cool stuff for me. Click on the images to see the old WordPress and the new, some people might not even know what the old one looked like but the picture is above and the new one below.