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Blue Lounge – Milo

Milo is the ideal place to rest your smartphone. A partner on the desk, nightstand or worktop that is dedicated to hold your device while in use or at rest. Milo is a minimal and fun desktop accessory. Perfect for hands-free conferencing, viewing videos or as a simple docking station.


  • Mounts To Any Phone Surface
  • Mounts an Phone Size, even the Samsung Note
  • Very nice Aesthetically
  • Looks like its made out of metal when its really plastic and very light
  • Suction on the bottom to hold it in place, and up top to hold the phone in place. Seriously this hi-tec Japanese micro-suction is pure genius.
  • You can use the touch screen and move things around the screen without fear of it falling off the mount

Honestly there are no cons to this product, I don’t think I have ever found a phone holder so perfect. It puts your phone at the perfect angle and it holds it perfectly in place, too perfectly it takes a bit of a tug to get it out of the suction back of the Milo. And for $15 its really worth, I would pay $30 for it because its such a quality made product and very well designed and extremely practical. And I love the look that my phones look like they are just hanging there and I can

Price: $15
Link: BlueLounge