Aventador J – A Sports Bike Built For Two

I do love when companies build machines totally out of passion for the machine and not the ecomonics behind it. This is Lamborghini Aventador J is made from pure passion and you look like you are getting into a jet fighter hybrid about to take off, flying cars from the future should look like this. It has the same guts as the LP 700-4 but Navigation.. Gone, Climate Control.. Gone, and they tried to make it as light as possible. Surprisingly this machine is or was up for sale, and it sold for 2.1 Million Euros, if I had that kind of money I would have bought it and to the lucky guy enjoy. This machine is a one off, none will be made other then this one.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. @Mark – Sure why not, I know you can afford it! :P lol

  2. il pazzo

    the hard was AMAZING now this looks even BETTER #ForzaLamborghini

  3. @il pazzo – I know! I didn’t think they could make it better and they just did! It is one amazing machine! It looks like an F-22 Raptor!

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