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A Challenge Issued

I don’t know how this exactly happened but one thing lead to another and I have several challenges ahead of me to accomplish by the first weekend in July. This was instigated by M.F.W. during one of our work meetings, somehow the subject got diverted to what we can or can’t accomplish if we set out minds to it and who is better at what, and I was thoroughly insulted by him on several levels so the challenges arose from that.

Two Challenges to Accomplish by the 1st Weekend of July 2012:

  • Weight Loss & Strength Gain, who will win, and I currently weigh 112 KG
  • Wakeboarding, who has the best skills and points will be awarded, tricks and all capabilities

I’m honestly taking this very very seriously, I won’t be losing at either. Luckily I have a lot of weight to lose so I’m going to take this to the extreme. Gonna hit the gym until I collapse and going to regulate my food to a degree, my issue isn’t really food its lack of movement and that will be something I will work on.

Wake-boarding is one of the sports that I love and I consider myself to be ok at it, not horrible but with the gym workout I’m going to increase my agility and endurance so it will help with Wake-Boarding and then I will take the risks of bodily injury to perform some crazy tricks, in my head they are crazy but can I do it.

Now I’m going to start this coming week and jump right into it. I’m going to start this off on my own and then probably look for some professional help with the gym then get some world champion wakeboarder to train me for 10 days. M. F. W. I will destroy you!

MISSION ACCEPTED (Insert Mission Impossible Theme Song Here)