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Nonstop TV Shows – The April List

These days I am seriously watching a lot of shows, but there are a lot of good ones to enjoy. This is the list, and it doesn’t even include the animated shows or the anime that I am watching. Surprisingly there are a lot of good comedies this season.

Currently Watching

  • Game Of Thrones – At The Top Of the List
  • Blue Bloods – Just Keeps getting better
  • Alcatraz – I know it stopped but gonna finish it
  • The Good Wife – Just keeps getting more interesting
  • Fringe – Need to Catch Up On This
  • The Walking Dead – Hell Of A Show
  • The Borgias – Its Back & More Evil Italian Schemes
  • Touch – Getting Interesting
  • Breakout Kings – Got A Lot More Intense this Season, really good
  • Grimm – Loving This Show
  • Hawaii Five-0 – Love it! The action is nonstop!

Storage – Letting these shows pile up to watch one shot

  • Supernatural – Just love this show
  • Sons Of Anarchy – Biker Drama Show That Keeps Getting Better

The Comedy List – Had to Make One of Its Own

  • Community – I love it, I hope it keeps going
  • 30 Rock – Still Funny, I never get tired of Alec Baldwin
  • Mike & Molly – Cool Show
  • Two & Half Men – Loving This Season
  • 2 Broke Girls – Very Funny
  • New Girl – Loving This Show
  • Suburgatory – Pretty funny
  • GCB – Desperate Housewives but much much funnier with a Texas Touch
  • How I Met Your Mother – Just Keeps Going
  • Up All Night – I watch it when I have nothing else to watch