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Qualitynet – Shocking Actions

I Got This Email From A Concerned Reader, Abdulazziz, that this happened to him.

Well i got a phone call from Qualitynet today telling me that they’re cutting my internet because I’m using huge bandwidth the thing is it came out without any warning nor giving me my limits but whats strange was they offered me companies subscription which is 4 times what I’m paying around 1300kd a year while i pay 370kd for 8mb if I’m abuser why did they offered to switch my account why didn’t they warn me instead of telling me that they’re cutting the service and above all that there is no service on their website that shows how many mega bites i used!! so it could be all lies or trap to make people pay more than the amount they’re already paying.

After asking several questions back and forth, and asking a few other people on the inside, it seems Qualitynet is really doing this. I understand some of the ISPs have this “unsaid” rule of capping people a bit if they abuse their network, and I have been categorized by a few ISPs as an abuser but this is ridiculous.

They call a user and tell him he is an abuser and he can only upgrade to a “Company Plan” since he is no longer eligible for a “Individual Plan” which he has paid for in full and doesn’t end until November.

When he asked questions they offered him no explanation as to what are the exact numbers defined in his abuse. He just uses his connection for downloads and surfing, a lot of gaming, and major updates. I don’t think any of those are a real major issue and we all do that, I have several major updates my machines, hell I did a 15 GB patch to one of my games, so how is that defined?

You would think that after the Data Cap issues from last year that QualityNet & Kems started were over and done with and they learned their lessons. But it seems some genius in QualityNet thought to disconnect people for “Abusing” their connections.

Other then this action being very illegal since the user was given no notification, no explanation, and there were no new binding Data Cap agreements after the whole issue last year. He was given an ultimatum, either sign up for the company packages or we will disconnect you. He still has 6 months left on his connection and they aren’t even offering him a refund.

Seriously is anyone in QualityNet thinking, do they really think this is a just action? What happened to all the good guys who used to work their? Care about the users? They used to be internet junkies? Is is just a bunch idiotic accountants cooking up numbers to see how much they can squeeze more profits out of people, so the solution is to disconnect half way and not provide them with the service but keep their money. Its very sad that QualityNet has fallen so low.