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To Ad Or Not To Ad

Recently some people have been asking about advertising more then before, but I don’t think its for me. There are some very good companies approaching blogs and there are some that don’t have a clue what they want. It’s been on my mind for some time, and even Jacqui wrote a very good article about Ridiculous Ratings & Rankings. Sometimes this is what these companies ask for and the numbers are there target.

For myself I don’t have any idea of what my ranking is realistically. I just think there are a few people who tolerate what I write and I mostly write about the topics I enjoy and what some others might relate too. There are some blogs that have turned into freaking billboards, they are more like those Ad papers in newspapers, almost nothing worth reading and gives you a headache.

I don’t mind blogs with Ads, honestly I think its a very good thing. I think that companies have realized the worth of the blogs and people behind the blogs and I hope social advertising becomes more and more important to companies. A lot of these blogs are very deserving of it and it gives companies a real platform to get instant feedback from their customers and bloggers.

I don’t think I would be advertising anytime soon for one main reason. I don’t want to feel that I have to blog instead that I just want to blog. Then the other aspect of is that I don’t want to be limited on the topics that I talk about. Some times I am rude and at times I attack companies who act the wrong way, be it a company or a government entity. I want to be able to write the truth and voice my opinion without having to worry about offending my advertisers. So I think I’m going to stick to that for now. Some times I do wish I had alternate income from the blog then I would be able to make Amazon purchases more often then once every 3 to 6 months.