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BITLY – Refreshed

Since jumping on to Twitter I started using the URL Shortening Services of BITLY just because it gives you some stats and easily integrates into twitter. That was pretty simple and straight forward, as of a few weeks ago they went ahead and refreshed their whole site with the same functionality but displayed in a better way. Now you can really track what is going on with your links and when they are getting clicking with the information being provided to you graphically as well as numerically.

The picture above displays the number of times your links were linked and the stats for the past 7 days. And you can keep going back for all the links you have used before, that is pretty useful to know what is going on with the links. Then below is something totally different then what I’m used to, the total number of clicks on links for the past month, which ones were direct links, and which ones were referrals. Then you have clicker based on location which is pretty cool. Overall I always liked Bitly because it was useful and now I love it even more for presenting this treasure of information in such a simple way.

Link: Bitly

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