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Mustard Burger – The New Burger Joint in Town

I do love burger places but not every one of them gets every thing right, there are a few places that get it right, the right type of meat with the perfect bun. This time around I tried a double cheese burger and cheese fries from Mustard Burger and right now they are only available for pick up from Tilal and delivery.

The Burger is simple and tastes really good, the buns are really good too, very few places get the buns right but Mustard Burger gets it perfect and I loved it. I ate the double cheese burger and it hit the spot, sometimes if I have food late at night it ends up causing heartburn if its too oily but in this case it was perfect. I would recommend it to everyone, sometimes their phone lines get busy but its worth the wait.

The Menu is Simple:

  • Cheese Burger
  • Double Cheese Burger
  • Chicken Burger
  • Fries & Cheese Fries

Phone: 22256745