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Potbelly in Kuwait

The first time I had Potbelly’s sandwich was in Chicago about four years ago now, and it was a pretty damn good sandwich, something about it was different. My favorite was always Quiznos and Subway was crap in the US, it was always my last choice. In Kuwait Subway has some decent sandwiches but sometimes they screwed up, the other day I was in Kuwait Airport about to get on my flight but was hungry as hell, so I decided to try out Potbelly in Kuwait and I was happy I did.

I had the Turkey something sandwich, loved the sauce, and how it was cooked, crunchy and light. Ok, now I remember it was called “The Clubby”, I honestly liked that it wasn’t too heavy, but I just had to try their chili cheese fries, if my memory serves me correctly it was damn good, and luckily it was as good as I remember it.

I checked it turns out to be only open in the Avenues and honestly I hate going to the Avenues because of traffic, I just hope they have delivery because I will be ordering from them a lot now. They need to open other branches in other locations, preferably ones that are closer to me.