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Review: Sonos Play 3

There is no denying that I am a huge fan of Sonos, there products are in several places in my house, music on the go, different tunes to different rooms. The best part is that it is always working and the sound is beautiful. Recently I have needed to setup another unit, and the one that fit the best was the Sonos Play 3. I read some reviews on the quality of sound and for it’s size its packs a punch, and if you get two of them you can set them up for Stereo output so they are treated as one, not just grouping them together. Setting up a Sonos unit could not be any easier, take it out, plug it in, and then go to the Sonos Controller “Add A Sonos” then you click buttons on the unit and it is added to the system.

The Sonos system is the most flexible music medium out there, you can use any source from your iTunes, an HD filled with music, or an online resource like IHeartRadio, SiriusXM, Pandora, or Spotify. Multiple sources playing in different rooms at the same time all controlled through the software. The software got improved and simpler recently since it is probably the most confusing part but it isn’t too bad. But the software aside I was impressed with this unit.
Stream your entire music library, music services, and radio stationsControl wirelessly, easy to set up music playerStart with one music player, expand everywhereVersatile enough to put anywhere — horizontal or vertical3 driver HiFi speaker system

hey really try to pack good sounding parts into their hardware and the Sonos Play 3 is no different. It is a little bigger then I expected but I like the feel of it, the only major drawback for me was the price, its only $100 less then the Sonos Play 5 which is a powerhouse in comparison but still the sound is very rich for a unit of it’s size. Just don’t expect the bass to be that great at higher volumes, sort of falls short since it doesn’t have a dedicated sub-woofer like the Sonos Play 5.

Link: Sonos
Price: $300

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