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The Google Experience – Excellent Nexus 7 Support

I have mentioned in my earlier Google Nexus 7 Review that I am having a small issue with my Nexus 7, the screen looks as if its foggy when I start it up it lasts for about 15 to 20 mins then the colors and screen contrast comes back to normal, I thought it was a software glitch and I tried to fix it through a few steps but it didn’t help.

So I called Google Support, they answered the phone very quickly, I told him what was wrong and looked like there was a bit of a screen memory ghost during those first 15 mins of the issue. The support on the phone asked me to switch off Auto-Brightness but that didn’t work and he ask me to do a factory reset which I did but that didn’t help the issue. Then he said he has been authorized to make this device as DOA (Dead On Arrival) and send me new one right away. That took a total of 10 mins without any fuss or complaining from my side which I think is fantastic, Google is out to make a point with the Nexus 7 and it seems they want everyone to be satisfied with it, so the support is just that good.

  • 48 Hours After The Support Ticket Was Created They Sent Me An Email With A Link To Get A New Nexus 7
  • They Sent Me A Prepaid International Shipping Label, I told them I am outside of the United States and said it is not a problem
  • They placed a hold on my credit card for the amount of Nexus 7 16GB until they receive the damaged unit
  • It will take two to three weeks until the new one is shipped to me because of the back log of orders they currently have

The guy even apologized the delay of send out the new device because they are currently on back order and I’m honestly satisfied I get to keep it another 10 days before sending it out, they have to get it 30 days after sending out the email so I really am without the Nexus 7 for about 2 weeks really which isn’t too bad. The best part about the tablet is the Vanilla software meaning its pure Android and with that you get the latest updates from Google Right away.