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Ramadan Night Ride

It was just one of those moments, I have been wanting to ride for some time now and it just popped up to go on Friday night. Meeting up at midnight for a quick bite before going on our little adventure around town. We knew it was going to be a little risky but still we wanted to ride, and its been getting a little cooler in the evenings but still pretty hot.

We went out in full gear, no question about that, armored up top to bottom. Whenever I’m wearing my motorcycle gear it feels like I’m wearing battle armor, I’m ready for anything, but I know that isn’t the case but I was just excited to get on the bike. The plan was simple to ride just before fajer prayer so we could drink some water before passing out.

Heading down the 6th ring road to the airport then to Sabhan, and on the way we encountered a few nut cases on the way. We were supposed to be three but the other guy bailed out on us and so we were two. It was a bit more crowded then I expected and the roads were a bit dusty, we had a few moments where it felt like I might slip. So we were taking it easier and going a bit slower then we usually do and honestly I didn’t want to push my luck I wanted to enjoy myself so pushing the bike after its been stationary since May but still the Diavel is a beast. At any traffic light my tire would slip a bit because of the dust.

The crowds started thinning out around 2:00 am so there was less cars on the road and we were enjoying ourselves even more. I was getting bit tired so around 2:40 am we called it a night and started heading home. Parked and indoors by 3am, and I realized how much I missed riding, I love that bike.

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