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OnCost – Wholesale Supermarket

Hearing about OnCost for a little while, its sort of a wholesale supermarket just the same as Costco in the US. I knew that it was in Sulaibiya in a large warehouse type building that currently sells vegetables of every kind. OnCost is a little different, they sell cleaning materials, cooking materials, meats, fish, and a few other house hold items. The main part in this case is that they are about 20 to 30% cheaper then the coops which really surprised me, some items are less but overall it is a very big difference.

The place is slightly out of the way but if you have some bulk shopping in mind it is the place to go. You go down 6th ring road until exit 604 then you take a left under the bridge at the traffic light. You can’t miss the place going straight, you will see it on your right hand side. Other then OnCost the vegetable section is just huge, I’m going to check it out another time again.