Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

Man I love these, seriously some of these are hilarious, and the actors are just as funny reading them. I have to agree with the Beiber tweet.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. kw8can

    loved the snoki and justin one they are so right .

  2. Eh! Bebier is just overrated leave him alone and the fuss would fade away in no time. Wishing him death is just way too mean!

    Some of the other ones were true though…

  3. @kw8can -Loool!

    @Serenity – If there are preteen girls around the world the hype around Beiber will never end!

    @iMaGiNaTiOn – EEEE! LOOOOL

  4. Dear God,

    Give us back 2 Pac and we’ll give you Justin Bieber!


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