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Ramadan Winding Down

I think this week is sort of slow motion for people, I think very few people even have gone to work, the roads are empty. The only place that was insanely full was the bank today, so many women taking out Eideyas. The last three weeks have been a whirlwind of work and family obligations, and going to diwaniyas. What made it even more hectic was that we had so little time after evening prayer, there were only a few hours to go to so many diwaniyas so it was sort of like sprinting from one to the other. But I’m cherishing this last week, it has been the only week that I have had the evenings to myself and during that time I’m catching up with a lot of things.

The one thing I am very proud of is that I stuck to the gym work outs during Ramadan, I went every Saturday and Tuesday during Ramadan and I went a few other days to make up for lost days. The one thing I didn’t stick to at all was a healthy diet, I ate what I wanted at futoor and at night, I was hungry and I wanted to satisfy that hunger, and the healthy food wouldn’t have done it for me. Surprisingly during that whole time I didn’t gain any weight, I just checked as of yesterday and I’m at a 102.3 KG which is 0.7 KG less then when I started Ramadan so not bad. My goal was to be below 100 KG by July but I didn’t stick to healthy food, but I will get there soon enough.

Even though this Ramadan was extremely tiring I still love it.