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Less Annoying Youtube

There are two things that that annoy me about youtube these days, everytime I play a video I get these semi-transparent signs saying “SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE” and then the other thing are captions telling you something you don’t even care about. I’m here to watch the damn video let me enjoy my 3 to 5 mins in peace without getting blasted by crap.

I thought there was no way to stop and previously there wasn’t but thank you Google for giving so many options, after a little digging in the youtube settings you can switch it all off forever!

Follow these simple steps:

You still get the standard Ads but at least the whole screen isn’t cluttered with crap that just blinds you and you can tell what the hell video is playing. So go in do it save your settings and enjoy Youtube once again.

(Yes I have watched Gangam Style at least 1000 times, this song is as addictive as cocaine, once its in your head it never leaves)