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Kuwait Google Maps – Live Traffic

I know I have been gone for a little while but it seems quite a few things were taking place while I was gone. One of them being the internet prices being slashed, which I think is pointless if 80% of the population can barely get 2MB thanks to the MOC. We need infrastructure before they can really go after prices, and the original price fixers are the MOC, but thats a whole different subject for a later stage.

My one major surprise was Google Maps, I pretty much lived on Google Maps on a daily basis figuring out how to get to where in the most efficient way or to find the scenic route. In Kuwait we use it often but not with all the features, but it seems that they brought one of the best features to the maps, which is the traffic layer, even though I honestly question the accuracy of it or even how they are doing it, I am impressed. Lets hope more of Google’s Features become available locally.