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GulfRun Tuning Event @ Bumper 2 Bumper

Its events like these that I do love and enjoy, for the first time in Kuwait I see a tuning event at this level. With Bumper2Bumper, GulfRun, and Top Speed Motors. Top Speed Motors is an Automotive Performance company who have experience modifying every type of Japanese, Italian, American, and German cars, they have been top winners in several races across the US, and from I have seen these guys know what they are doing. It was surprising to discover that a Dyno such as this even existed in Shuwaikh, I have heard of a few dynos in different garages but they were always in these quick fix garages and not the best setup. This is the first corporate company that I have seen that has its own Dyno, and GulfRun working with Bumper2Bumper they pulled off a very cool event.

They had a Nissan GTR on the Dyno which was getting tuned, and these guys at Top Speed Motors knew what they were doing. These guys working on several machines earlier in the week, they got another 80 bhp at the wheel for a modified ’12 Mercedes C63 and that thing is a beast. The event was taken over by the number of Nissan GTRs, and the one on the Dyno got some impressive numbers but I couldn’t remember because of the ringing in my ears from the crazy exhaust and the flames that came out of it.

They got a 2 Door CTS-V on the dyno which got a decent 585 bhp at the wheel and a very decent amount of torque. The whole event was a lot of fun, it felt like the precursor to GulfRun, a lot of people getting their cars tunned and tweaked. I was annoyed I didn’t take full advantage of these guys being here since my Beemer needs a bit of work, its been a while since anyone looked at the computer. But they were here only for a week and they were working on two cars a day from day to night to give each machine the right amount of attention, and they were extremely helpful with all the questions. It seems this may not be the last time that Bumper2Bumper, GulfRun, and Top Speed Motors