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Burger Boutique – Finally Open

The wait has been too long, Burger Boutique was the first to open years ago with the comic book themed menu that I loved. I didn’t know what to expect from Burger Boutique but all I knew was that it was going to be something good and honestly I was looking forward to it. Then I got the call that they were inviting people to try it out. Let me say this the pictures I took do not do it justice, it is in Al Rayah Mall just opposite its original location on the 2nd floor. We were a lot of guys so we ordered pretty much everything on the menu and everything was so damn good.

I had high expectations for the Burgers and they did not disappoint, the normal burgers and the sliders. They were going for a recycling theme which I thought was cool but sometimes it was just too much paper to get to my food, I felt like a cave man ripping at his food and the guys didn’t give me chance to take pictures, food would just disappear so it was eat or be eaten situation. They have expanded on the types of fries they have and I loved the chilli cheese fries, so damn good. There were so many other good things on the menu but I didn’t have a chance even remember their names.

The one thing that really surprised me that tasted so good that I burnt my tongue since it was really hot was the chilli cheese hot dog. It really tasted amazing, like the kind of hot dogs that you think it should taste like, the ones I remember from a long time ago and this just really hit the spot. Also the selection of milk shakes are really good, I loved the Oreo Milkshake it really stuffed me at the end. One thing that I love about Burger Boutique, Slider Station, & OFK, its their buns, they just taste so good and with the opening of Burger Boutique they have opened their Bakery so now they make all their buns there and it just adds to the flavor of the Burgers. I will be going back and I loved that their open, if you have a chance and your feeling a burger then you should stop by for sure.