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A long weekend is coming up and you have to throw in a few movies while its here. These are the ones I have in hand at the moment, but then there are the ones that are in movies, but I wouldn’t watch a censored movie. Surprisingly the one I really want to see is Something From Nothing The Art Of Rap which is a very cool rap documentary, another documentary about the hacking that went on last year is We Are Legion, the rest of the movies are the usual entertaining ones for the long weekend.

  • The Amazing Spiderman
  • Madeas Witness Protection
  • Fast Girls
  • Safety Not Gauranteed
  • The Expendables 2
  • We Are Legion
  • Magic Mike
  • Madagascar 3 Europe’s Most Wanted
  • The Tall Man
  • Thats My Boy
  • Rock Of Ages
  • Prometheus
  • People Like Us
  • Men In Black 3
  • Arbitrage
  • Something From Nothing The Art Of Rap

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Eddy

    Should add the campaign to your list. Really good comedy!

  2. watched Prometheus,, the graphics and sound effect was fantastic. story is good. but was low in action!

    after watching Battleship, all movies seem boring!

    this is a nice list though, thanks,, always

  3. @Eddy – Its hilarious! I have seen it!

    @vampire – I know what you mean! Battleship was awesome! So much action I loved it!

  4. I thought Arbitrage was swell but again if it’s got Richard Gere I will go watch any crap. Dude, you haven’t told us what you thought of Argo. Isn’t it super? There’s something abt movies ending in a go: Fargo and Argo- both are cinema in its finest hour.

  5. @Les Immoralists – Hahaha! I haven’t seen that movie yet, and I haven’t seen Arbitrage yet but I’m planning too soon! I’m more into mindless violence movies these days!

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