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Grand Cinemas – Whats Going On?

I still haven’t had a chance to go but when I was trying to go it was a lot harder then I expected. I was told their website was online, and I went to it but the booking system wouldn’t work all week long. I called a few friends and I was given the direct number to them which we called yet no one picked up. I wanted to experience their VIP seating and watch SKYFALL again.

The only option we had was to go over there, and when we did on Friday around 1 pm and it was packed, I mean a lot of people in Al Hamra Mall. By the time we got to the counter turns out that all of VIP was sold out for all of Friday and Saturday which is insane. I felt that I wasted my time driving over there to get tickets. I know that Grand Cinemas is new but they are not a new type of company, and the people running it are experienced, and they even delayed the launch a few months so I would have expected them to get their act together if they were delaying it. But come on, the phones don’t work and online doesn’t work, that’s just disappointing. I know that I still want to go but the hassle of going is annoying.