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Baladiya Bans Hot Dogs

Now this is probably one of the most ridiculous things I have seen done yet. First the hot dogs disappeared from Sultan Center then a few months later they disappeared from Lulu Hypermarket, I just assumed they were running out of stock. Then summer came and I was looking forward to bbqing at the beach and hotdogs are always at the top of the mix, but again nothing was there. I thought it was just a late stock delivery. The brands I always loved picking up was Oscar Mayers & Ball Park Franks, they were so damn good and really hit the spot. After a little inquiry it turns out that the Baladiya stopped them because the packets didn’t have Halal stamps on them, I thought that was ridiculous. They were beef and this is an american import, they can verify the process but why would they put a halal stamp on the packet. The amount they import to the Middle East is less then 3% of what they sell and to them its no loss if they stopped selling them here so they didn’t make that stamp.

They have been selling these hot dogs in Kuwait for a good four years, the Oscar Mayer & Ball Park Franks, not including a few other brands. Why did Baladiya all of a sudden decide to have these stamps on them, sometimes they really baffle me as to their priorities. I agree that they should check the quality of the hot dogs and expiration, these are important details but really? You just thought the stamp would make it more beef. In this case we only have Khazzan and Americana as options for hot dogs and to be honest they tasted horrible, their quality is not good at all in comparison to those who make HQ Hotdogs.