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Damn TV Cancellations! Last Resort & 666 Park Avenue

Last Resort was turning into a very interesting story, it was getting complex, but shows making the US Government don’t really survive very easily, look at Jericho, people got annoyed with the concept and it got cancelled even with a loyal fan base that follows it. And this one couldn’t be cooler, they had nuclear weapons aimed at Washington DC just to buy time so that they uncover the truth and where the corruption lay within the government that got them in these circumstances. I hope they play out the show and it has some sort of ending with the episodes left.

666 Park Avenue was on the edge of horror and a bit of magic, the story didn’t play out fully and we are only at the 7th episode but looks like ABC will play out all 13 episodes. I honestly expected this one to last, I’m annoyed that this was cancelled. It had potential to develop into a deeper story but at this point they really