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Not Worth It


Seriously whats going on in Kuwait, it sounds like we are living in Detroit now, Kuwait used to be the safest country, whats going on with people, this past weekend I heard of several stabbings, and its just gone over the top. How are people finding it so easy just to go and stab someone. I won’t lie I’m a bit of a hot head behind the wheel, but I would never intentionally hurt someone, shout at them if they did something wrong, yes but hit with the intent to kill no. I have always been more afraid of knives then guns, because knives can cause a lot more pain and can be very dangerous. Guns are very hard to get in Kuwait and bullets even harder, but knives, well everyone knows what happened in the Avenues.

Has it gotten so easily that human life has no value, at this point I won’t even look someone in the eye. I think its not worth it to get stabbed over it. Seriously I will not get out of my car if there was an altercation about to happen. Where is the law, there are police on the streets and I have seen them. But to be honest 90% of them are just guys wearing a uniform who are not trained to handle these sorts of situations, the law needs to be applied to this type of violence. Instead of traffic violations they should seriously get on top of these young men who are out of control, if you show them consequences of their actions then they won’t be doing that again. Seriously, minimum sentence for stabbing should be 10 years, and if you kill someone it should be life or the death sentence. Its become insane, Kuwait sounds like Grand Theft Auto not a country that we all regarded as safe.

I hope there is a change soon because the way things are going its very worrying.