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Good Will


A lot of accidents happen in Kuwait, and there are a lot of angry people on the road, that I see everything morning, angry men and women honking nonstop. There isn’t a lot of common courtesy these days which is disappointing, but at the same time I never give up hope or be courteous to people who do signal. It annoys me when I signal and have to get to an exit and people drive fast to block me so I don’t get in front of them, this happens a lot and most of the time I let people through. I for one do have road rage issues and I do get pissed on the road a lot but I try not to do anything wrong to someone while driving intentionally or unintentionally. But the people who drive me mad are the people who slow down to look at any accident or small bumper to bumper when thankfully nothing is wrong with the people.

In this case this shows me that people do have the will to help others, on the Airport Road (50) I just got off from the 6th ring road and 360 Mall was on my right. As I was getting to the exit for the fifth ring road under south surra bridge we suddenly see a lot of smoke and a big bang and everyone starts braking. Then I see a white car in the air about 100 meters in front of me to the right. I was all the way on the left and as I got closer it was a white 4 door Hilux flipped over and people ran to it, the weight of the car was on the people inside and they couldn’t get them out. So within minutes there were at least 10 men, they tried to push it and within seconds they become 20, they pushed the car and more people joined and they flipped it over and started to pull people out of the wreckage. I called 112 and stayed on the line and told them they needed an ambulance as fast as possible. When the police arrived, I left and that was all that could be done and inshalla the men inside that car survived. What gave me hope is to see so many people want to help those men, and put themselves in harms way to move that car because they couldn’t get them out, and every person from every nationality. I do believe in the inherent nature of humans to be good and seeing this only makes me believe it more, it still annoyed me that people were slowing down just to see but those who stopped did help.