The IRON MAN Suit!


Owning the Iron Man suit is something on every man’s mind, well its always on my mind. In this case you can have it, but it isn’t the indestructible armor that Tony Stark built for Billions. Sideshow Collectibles have built a 7 foot tall lift size stunning high-gloss automotive painted replica of the armor worn by Tony Stark in Iron Man 3. The Iron Man Mark 42, you definitely get to enjoy LED light-up eyes, arc reactor, palm repulser, and display base. The real thing must cost Billions to build but you can have this one for only $8’500.

Link: SideShowCollectibles






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  1. Essa K Alessa

    yeswa walah 2,500 KD for Iron man suite in your man cave fuck hell yeah…oo yeah dose the blond come with the suite by any chance

  2. @Essa K Alessa – There was no mention of the blonde with the sale! hahaha! But hell yes that suit is awesome!

  3. Omer

    Can I marry it? LOL 8D

  4. Akbar

    How many did you order already?:-))

  5. @Akbar – Watch Iron Man 3 and you will have your answer!

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