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Mentions Not Working On Instagram


For the last couple of months I have been operating sort of blind with Instagram, mentioning people in posts doesn’t work anymore. I can only mention those who have commented or people’s names I remember when I’m replying to comments. Whenever I post a pic I have to remember people’s name id’s to get the right mention, even searching for them is a guessing game. I have reported the problem to Instagram, uninstalled the App and reinstalled it, signed out and back in, and still the problem is the same. I have tried it online and from an Android and Apple device, but the problem has persisted.

Even searching for people’s name doesn’t work, it goes for the general names first which you might end up with a hundred people instead of the person your are following or trying to mention. If feels like I’m back in the 90s again and I’m memorizing people’s phone numbers but now its the Instagram IDs. Has anyone else experienced this and had the issue resolved?