Electronics Ban on Planes to be Lifted By FAA


I have been on a few airlines that didn’t care if you had your iPad out reading magazines or watching shows, or watching movies or your laptop. But a majority of airlines prefer you not to use your electronics or your mobile phones during take-off and landing due to it “interfering” with the plane, I never knew an iPod can mess with a plane.

This was due to the original rule from the FAA in the US and everyone followed suit, but thankfully after such a long time they have come to their senses and realized that phones can not bring down an Airbus or Boeing because a guy is looking for a phone signal to send off his last email. Lets see how soon airlines adopt this new line of thought.

Link: Wired

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  1. I think BA are the most anal airlines regarding this issue. I have to use a book or a magazine to pass those 15-20 min departing and landing.

    on another note. time for a new theme for the blog ?

  2. @mishref – Yeah they are annoyingly anal about it! Even though it makes no real differences! And yes a refresh of the blog is coming along, hopefully sooner rather then later!

  3. i preload articles on my mobile or tab to read while taxiing, and it is on airplane mode! the F%#@ing stewardess doesn’t understand what that means.

    plane magazine? i always feel it’s the filthiest thing on a plane

  4. I don’t think many UK airlines have actually started lifting the ban. Boarded an easy jet flight and they still asked me to put everything away – even a switched off ipad. Come on… Turned off…

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