Nokia 625 – Not What I Was Expecting


I was hoping for a light phone with a great screen & Camera that has 4G, even though the camera was a little less then the 8X. Well it turned out to be more then a disappointment then anything else, this phone has a beautiful screen but every other component is cheap and horrible, cheap price doesn’t necessarily mean cheap quality but in this case it does.



  • Crappy 5MP Camera, I’m really bad
  • Speaker – You can barely hear it and there is this metal grinding sound when it goes to high volumes
  • Heavier then a better specified phone
  • No real change for the Windows 8 software
  • No real added value for Nokia
  • Battery doesn’t last as long as the HTC 8X



  • Beautiful Screen
  • 4G/LTE Speeds are good on the phone
  • Cheap Price


I really want to stay on the Windows Platform, I’m enjoying more integration with my Windows 8 laptop to a degree and I want it to get better, but if you are looking for a cheap Windows phone to try out the software then this will do, don’t expect much for the camera and speaker. I will still keep the Windows phone, but I will probably trade this one in for something better at a later stage. My only problem with the option coming out from Nokia are the either bulky or too big.


There are two option from Nokia as a replacement, the Nokia 1020 which has the perfect combination except for the ridiculous camera popping out of the back with 41 MP which is just overkill. Then the Nokia 1520 has a 6″ screen which is just overkill with a 20 MP which is more then enough, but at the end both of these phones are just too big. Both of these phones won’t fit in a normal cup holder in a car and even worse when I place it in my pocket.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. you should get 925 or 1020 :)

    or just wait for the bigger one the 6″ phablet:)

  2. @Frankom – The 1020 is hard to find! I’m looking at the 925 but first to get rid of the 625! And the Phablet is HUGE!!!! lol

  3. Dude, believe me, you will not regret it. Get the Lumia 920 or 925. Awesome specs, and the right size.

  4. Yousef Alabdullah

    I do use my windows 8 phone as a main now and my android is a companion.
    Recently switched from Lumia 800 to Lumia 1020 and i’m loving it, true the camera is sticking out but thats the whole point.
    I do recommened the 925 for lighter and excellet specs in comparison to the other series.

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