Wataniya Telecom – Finally 4G


Wataniya has finally fully rolled out their 4G Network and they improved their normal Data network. With new life breathed into their network, it feels normal and useable at this stage. I have been using it for the last couple of weeks and every week I can see an improvement with more 4G coverage on a weekly basis which I’m liking very much.

On a normal test my speeds vary from 2 bars to 5 bars signal:

  • 12 Mb/s to 43 Mb/s

These are respectable numbers and reasonably solid, not my connection spotify as I drive along the highway is pretty constant with no cut outs. I hope Wataniya keeps going at this rate to keep improving their networks. They did launch the new Galaxy Note 3 with the LTE Package and they are fully supporting Android Devices, they even just had a Google event with the people from Google talking about the new software and hardware developments coming along, very nicely done. Their network has a few spots around town the need to be filled but its a good effort on their end and we are finally seeing progress on their network. The funny part is that 4G is working only for Android devices and not Apple Devices yet, that will be coming along somewhere in mid to end of December for Apple, now who’s laughing.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. bofahad

    Did you mean 43Mbps or 43MBps?

  2. Still too late in the game.. Zain has been the first to jump on that ship and I’m happy with the service (for the most part) whereas with Wataniya they had old packages for so long they need to play a major catch up game!

  3. @Jacqui – Thats 100%, and now they are finally doing that, and their service has been decent, still a few spots but I like where this is going at least! The progress is good!

  4. Techie

    This is a Major improvement from them, they were stuck too long on 14.4 Mbps when Zain & Viva were forging ahead with 42.4 DC-HSPA.

    But now I get constant 28-29 Mbps on 3G & around 40 Mbps on LTE.

  5. @Techie -Yeah they did a major upgrade on their 3G! Finally they are making improvements and honestly it seems to be pretty good!

  6. GT-R

    why isnt it available on apple devices :/

  7. Techie

    ‘coz they haven’t got the certification from Apple.

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