Blogs – Come & Gone

Kuwait is one very odd country, at least when it comes to social media, they are ahead of the curve and go crazy over the next internet thing.

Blogs used to be the craze, I for one joined in before it got crazy because I had an opinion and insight into things and looked for other people’s opinions and asked a lot of questions about things I didn’t know but now things have changed drastically I would say.

Kuwait has many talented and creative people and they do have a lot of people who want to take advantage of making a quick profit, well they are smart enough to get on board at the right time. First it was blogs & facebook, then it was Twitter and now its instagram.

And over the past 5 years company’s have really changed their tune and take the opinions of social media very seriously so it has turned into a money making business.

I have been sticking to my blog for a very long time but recently life has caught up with me leaving me with very little time to really dedicate myself to it like I used to. I met a lot of interesting and very cool people and I’m going to continue posting things up when I can but not as much as I used to. I’m still on Instagram because it is addictive and it is very useful because a lot of businesses use it to get the information out right away.

But there are very few blogs that I still check, except the ones that talk about my interests like Anime, Motorcycles, and TV Shows. Then there are a few local ones that I check once a week at this point like Kuwaitiful, CouchAvenue, and a few others.

It has been a hell of an experience and grew with me, and it’s not coming to an end but I can’t keep it up as much as I used to but I still still be posting information up whenever I can. Maybe a bit more technical posts then the normal posts.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. vampire

    hey good to see u back and nice make over. I believe Jacqui has something to do with it?
    I still read blogs on daily basis, mainly bike/cars topics.. indeed instagram is addicting and become a social responsibility to “like” all uploads. ppl tend to get offended if you didn’t like their posts, let alone un-following one!

    • Exactly! It has gotten crazy! Honestly I’m addicted to liking everything on my screen, I seriously click everything! lol

      But I still read mostly the international ones I was reading before! There is a wealth of information on instagram in Kuwait, but it isn’t the only medium!

      Yes you are 100% right, this is totally thanks to Jacqui! She went into Overhaul mode fixing this blog! lol

    • I pretty much did what I had to hehe! I’ve been procrastinating for so long but then when things went completely bonkers I just said bah! let’s do this!!! Hehe

      Hope you are liking the new theme and redesign! It just feels a bit 2014-ish and freshy :P Don’t you think! Still have some tweaking to do! :P

      P.S. Heyyyyyyy What’s Up Been SO LONG!

      • vampire

        hey there,,
        love the make over
        I like the integration of instagram and twitter and so on the right side, 2014-ish..
        need a little more contrast, maybe a touch darker background?

        • The background was darker, but I opted for a slightly lighter background in this case! To give it that fresh look!

          And I will continue blogging about crap the way I usually do!

  2. l lament the demise of Zaydoun’s and Ms. Nasrin Zuhair’s blog.
    Btw, simply love your new look. The make over is so “Now’ and ” Here”.

    • Thanks! Wanted something a bit different and that really worked and as usual Jacqui came through with flying colors!

  3. SM

    Welcome Back! I’ve been reading your posts since 2006 and this break was way too long! Good to see you back on! Hope to see more of your car/bike posts!

    • Happy to be back! And thanks for checking back!

      I got too fed up with the technical issues of the place so this major upgrade helped a lot!

      There will be posts coming!

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