Q8Car – Horrible Site!

What the hell happened to Q8Car, it started the trend of online vehicle selling and recently I tried using it and the website is horrible. One of the worst I have seen in a while, its as if no one wants to use it. When you click the search in English it takes you to a payment gateway and in the Arabic site the search doesn’t work correctly. The display is a mess, it really needs a major overhaul with a lot of features that should be added to it to notify buyers and sellers with all types of updates and simple ways to follow up.

This is the problem in Kuwait when it comes to websites they don’t continue improving and the income of this site is based on the ability of the website to work and in this case its failing miserably. Q8Car used to lead the pack in online vehicle sales in the Gulf Region and now there are others which are better and easier to use.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. SM

    Also most of the cars now look like private sales but are actually agents/re-sellers who don’t even own the car. They just list private individual cars with their commission/markup. Most numbers you call, will ask which car you want! Very few genuine sellers selling good condition cars!

    • That I know that happens now, but at least its all listed online and then you can argue the number down! But the Q8Car is not worth using anymore, there are others! I’m seriously gonna look at them and try them out!

  2. FhD

    Can you please mention the other “alternative” sites/apps ?
    Thanks …

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