Blackmarket Lines For The iPhone 6

I have waited in lines before, I remember waiting for the third Matrix Movie, and even the Star Wars Movies and those were fun. You set up camp, get your food ready and enjoy your night. Those were just a few hours, never had to pull an all nighter, so in this case the iPhone releases are getting extreme. Based on the video it seems a lot of these lines are filled with people who have no care for Apple, just how much they will get paid for getting the iPhone. I wonder if there was a way for Apple to stop this because it no longer has the fun spirit that it used to. This is not the case across the board for most Apple stores but there has to be a way around this issue. These are the ones that get resold at double or even sometimes triple the price, we see it on ebay and we hear about it in Kuwait, 900 KWD for a 300 KWD phone is insane.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Man they just sucked out the life out of the event by doing that.. :/ It’s a shame really :( I remember when I stood in line in 2008 for the iPhone 3G it was an awesome experience, had some amazing conversations with the guys in line and even got a chance to make new friends :P albeit teenagers who were much younger than me :P

    • Yeah I know what you mean! That experience is gone, you can see from the video that when they opened up shop, people couldn’t care less about it opening, they just stayed there to make money off the sale of the phones! Thats no experience at all, its all cash transactions!

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