BMW 1M Coupe – In True Form

This is a very short video but it is pure automotive passion, you are left with only the purest form of driving, I watch in awe of the skills of the driver and the capability of this amazing machine. I want one, I won’t lie, I want to drive this car, I want a manual that I can thrash around town and around a track. It seems this is part of the BMW 1M driving videos, thats hope there are some more videos just as awesome as this one to come out soon.

2008 AC Schnitzer ACS1 BMW 1-Series Convertible

AC Schnitzer tend to make some interesting modifications to vehicles and sometimes odd ones. I have always found the BMW 1-series interesting especially in the right setting and they have modified this one, the exterior looks very nice and nice bump for the engine power, 360 bhp instead of 304 bhp. I think with the right performance upgrades this would be a great 

Link: SeriousWheels

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