The first time around I loved having the Senshiro Jomaro model from Fewture, then while skimming Ebay I found this other Sanshiro model, it isn’t made out of metal but Vinyl. I went on a bidding war for it, the first time around I lost, the guy big over $1500 for it, but the second time around I got it for about $430 so in comparison I got a much better deal. I started checking out old school episodes to find Mad Hurricane, he is the bad guy in the anime and got a few pics of the Jumaro and Mad Hurricane together, very cool addition to the collection.

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Gatchaman – Its Back

Our cartoon from the 80s is back on track, back in April I posted that Imagi was in bad shape and that this project was permenantly on hold. It seems they have restructured themselves and the project is going full steam ahead, they even released a new very cool trailer for the movie, its a bit rough around the edges but still pretty good. The release is now aimed for 2011, I’m looking forward to it and I hope it does justice to the history of this cartoon.

Link: GeekTyrant

Voltron Movie & TV Show


Its revival of the 80s cartoons, I just can’t believe how good this is going to be. First the Thundercats come back on Cartoon Network, and now they are bringing back Voltron, well a different bunch of people are. Now they are working on a new animated feature, and the movie is being worked on as well, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done for the movie, they want to get the right story, a character driven story, and the effects and lion robot eye candy will come together around it. It seems the people working on it will learn from the mistakes of Transformers and G.I.Joe, and Voltron is going to end up being one of the best 80’s cartoon adaptations that we’ve seen so far. Its slated to be released for the 2013 target with the TV show being a build up for it.

The new show will be called Voltron Force, and it will air 26 half-hour episodes next year on Nicktoons. I’m just hoping that both adults and kids can watch it, I don’t want it being too kiddy because its airing on Nicktoons and destroying all of my past love for Voltron, my original love of anime before I even knew that anime was. The series follows five space explorers who pilot robotic lions that combine to form Voltron, an invincible guardian sworn to defend the Universe. The series will remain faithful to the old show, while introducing new recruits to fight alongside the original characters.

Link: GeekTyrant



We all remember Gatchaman from back in the 80s, or the other name would be Battle of The Planets. It is one of the cartoons that we ended up growing up with, and unknowingly one my first introductions to Japanese Anime. Its very sad but Imagi the company that made Astro Boy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie seems to have shutdown its LA office and is barely getting by, making this project in the dead in the water. Astro Boy just didn’t get what it needed to survive and so the company has fell under the water as well which is very sad, from this trailer that has leaked onto the net it look to be an amazing movie, which isn’t going to be made.

My Top Retro Cartoons


There was always something special about the cartoons back in the day, I would be stuck to the screen. I remember Mumra from Thunder Cats really scared me and pissed me off, I don’t know how many things I broke swinging a stick around saying “Thunder Cats, Thunder Cats, Thunder Cats! HOOOOOOO!”, I remember even hitting our Sony Tri-Color TV back in the day, and it weighed around 60 Kgs.

My List

  • Thunder Cats – The best cartoon of the 80s, Panthera was cool always making gadgets and still kicking ass
  • Voltron – The best of the 80s
  • Silver Hawks – They were really cool!
  • Centurions – Man and Machine Power Extreme! I wanted to be Ace McCloud, always wanted to fly!
  • Brave Star – Some many different powers!

Worthy Mentions

  • He Man – I wanted his tiger!
  • GI Joe

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V – Off To A Good Start


This is one TV show I have been waiting for, I think this TV show made me be afraid of reptiles when I was a kid and the new show aims to impress. The numbers for this show were off the chart, and just after the first episode I was hooked there is a story there and they gathered the right actors for it. I really like where the story is going, now to see what the reptiles will do and what the humans can do.

Link: TV

Takara Transformers for a Special Occasion

I always look for unique models, toys, and figures which I can add to my collection. Recently in Singapore I came across this store which had the original Takara Transformers from the 1980s show made in Japan, I was shocked and happy, I couldn’t believe that I have found what I have been looking for right in front of my eyes. The Takara models were still in their boxes and in perfect condition, these are not just models but an art form. So much detail and beauty I couldn’t resist getting both the Optimus Prine & Convoy, and Ultra Magnus, he had another Ultra Magnus which was on display in the case but not for sale, it was his own and he didn’t even let me touch it, I couldn’t blame him. And bought both of them right away, he said that he also had the original Starscream and Megatron who also transform but it was too high a price so I thought these two would be perfect before going to watch Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.

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Mazinger Z

So after watching Mazinkaizer and having the resin model, I watched a few episodes of Mazinger Z. I remembered the anime to be better then that, but still it brought back good memories. Since I was in Rihab I decided to pass by the Hobby Shop since I remember them having some Mazinger Z models and I really couldn’t help myself. When I saw this model I just couldn’t help myself and had to have it, I like having these unique looking models and it does give my room a very personal touch. And then there is the coolness factor that just can not be denied.

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