GulfRun 7 – Engines Revving To Go


Things have come full swing and GulfRun is around the corner, today is the car wash event that I do enjoy so much. A ton of different kinds of machines coming around this time of year and some of them are really modified and ready for the track, everyone is taking this seriously and each year the caliber of cars and drivers just keeps going up. The car show is always entertaining at 360 Mall especially so many machines are on display especially the ones that are supposed to be indoors.

Thursday, Jan 12th: Al-Falah Carwash

  • 6:00pm – 10:00pm |Stickers placement

Friday, Jan 13th: 360 Mall

  • 10:00am – 10:00pm | Car Show

Saturday, Jan 14th: 360 Mall

  • 10:00am – 10:00pm | Car Show

There have been a few changes to the track, and I’m really looking forward to checking out Outer Circuit, I have never done that before. As for the Karting, Bahrain International Circuit have the best Go Karting circuit in the world which is going to be very cool to try it out.

Thursday, Jan 26th: Bahrain International Circuit

  • 8.30am – 7:00pm | GulfRun7 Day 1 (Outer Circuit / Inner Circuit / Karting)

Friday, Jan 27th: Bahrain International Circuit

  • 8.30am – 7:00pm | GulfRun7 Day 2 (GP Circuit / Autocross Competition / Quartermile Drag)

Hayat Cancer Foundation GulfRun 6 – Raffle


GulfRun will be having their second annual Charity Raffle during the GulfRun Carshow to raise money for the Hayat4Cancer Foundation. We had a successful year with support of our readers, blogs, sponsors, and GulfRun participants, and we hope to make it an even better year. And this years amazing prizes include three powerful vehicles:

  • 1. Polaris Razor RZR800 from Seas & Deserts
  • 2. Can-Am DS450 ATV from Al-Ghanim Marine
  • 3. Can-Am DS450 ATV from Al-Ghanim Marine

Tickets to the raffle – which runs until January 15 – are only 5KD. All proceeds of the raffle will be donated to the Hayat4Cancer Foundation. The Ruqaya Al-Qatami Hayat4Cancer foundation was established in 2003 to offer support and medicine for cancer patients. The raffle draw will be on the second day of the GulfRun Carshow at 360 Mall on January 15th 2010 @ 8pm. Please call 97118488 for tickets to supporting the cause and participating in the raffle. We greatly appreciate your support for those who desperately need it.

Link: GulfRun

I want to win one of those machines! I have seen the Polaris and its a ton of fun in the sand!

Transformers: War For Cybertron – Multiplayer Trailer

Now this looks really interesting, it seems they are taking the game more seriously now not just as part of the movie. This is the first time we see some game play and how multiplayer can work with it. Its really cool with a world full of unique robots either Decepticons or Autobots fighting on the same team against the other. The types of characters are being defined, it looks like you have some level of customization but the game play looks fun.

X-Box Live Annoyances

X-Box live is probably what made me the X-Box experience so much better then the PS3 multiplayer games, its a hell of a lot of fun and easy to use. I’m still sticking to the X-Box 360 and enjoying the graphics, I’m curious to see what other upgrade they have in mind, but there are a few annoyances that I think that should be adjust but probably won’t.

  • Really Annoying Sign-In – Once you sign into one location you can’t sign into another machine without going through the process of password recovery which is painstakingly annoying. I don’t know why you can’t just sign in normally and can’t be signed in at two locations, its that simple instead of this ridiculous process.
  • Region Locked Trailers – Its trailers not movies, people just want to enjoy a movie’s trailer to see whats coming up next why do they have to lock it so you can’t see the trailers, you can see any trailer on youtube so it makes no sense to lock the out X-Box players from seeing trailers.
  • Region Lock Downloads – I’m trying to download the new maps and features of Gears of War 2 and it says that you can’t download it due to the region I’m in, even though I have US region game and XBox. I have to program the damn router to show route through the VPN in states so the XBox sees a US IP address. This really makes no sense why they do this, everyone would pay for Microsoft points to download more additions to games or themes.

XBox 360 Avatar

I’m always curious to see what other people’s avatars are in XBox, especially my friends and someone came up with a fun tool to find that out. People can get really creative with their online persona, I know I wasn’t too creative with mine but I do enjoy the look.

Link: Avatar 360

Overdose on Rockband

It should be called battle of the bands, some of the guys are seriously damn good at it. They go online and battle other people and annihilate them. This weekend consisted of our upon our of Rock Band, with a Bass, Guitar, Drums, and Mic. We even have replacements for each member of the band to keep going and going and going. By the end of the night some people no longer can speak, some have muscle spasms, and some have blisters. I felt so tired, I fell asleep for about an hour and half, I woke to them still playing full force. This game is so damn addictive, its got people who never touched a joystick in their life playing this damn game nonstop and asking when we are going to join up to play again, next stage starting a real band.