Breakfast & A Ride

Friday morning I look forward to the most, whenever the weather is nice I want to go out these days. It rained the day before, and the next morning they said it was supposed to rain but I looked out the window as soon as I woke up and it was looking good. I called up Monichum to wake him up and meet up, short time to get ready then fill up with gas, and some how we met up on Fahaheel Express Way just entering the Gulf Road starting from Bida’a.

With some sign language and almost wacking Monichum’s helmet at the stop light we decided to have breakfast at Prime & Toast, and as usual the place was packed. A few of our friends caught up with us for breakfast, and more people started showing up. We then decided to head home, with the new playlist I got a song I was enjoying which I took off faster then usual which resulted a very high wheelie and freaked me out, but still a fun thrill. I’m loving this weather.

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Morning Chill

We had an early morning ride planned for Friday, and as soon as I woke up I realized how cold it was and I was going to enjoy it. Put on a sweatshirt under my air jacket, just in case if it got hot in the afternoon. We decided to stay in the city this time, and we met up at Starbucks Bida’a. As soon as I got there I could see at least 30 Harley Davidsons and customs choppers of every kind was parked in the lot and just three Ducatis standing out between them.

We decided to head out and it seems that the Harley Guys had the same thought at the time. So you had three colorful bikes heading out between a bunch of Harley’s, we were zipping around getting to the front, these guys are extremely organized and hopefully they keep this up, its great work and they are enjoying their rides.

We headed out down the Gulf Road and zipped around and all over Kuwait, it was an interesting ride we even had a new rider with us but he was doing a decent job. We even faced a few crazy people and an oblivious old man on the road who nearly took us off the road but luckily that was avoided, you run into those people every once in a while. He needs a lot of work on the corners but it seems he has the natural ability to riding so thats always fun. And the weather was fantastic.

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Only One Starbucks

It has been an interesting day, a bit on the sad side, so I thought a change of venue would do. Called up Monichum to see if he was up for a ride right around sunset, he was up for it. So we got ready, and 20 minutes later we were at the Miseela gas station filling up our tanks, mine was almost empty. We knew that everything was shutdown for the day, and Monichum told me the 2nd ring road and the sea side are packed every inch with cars so we should avoid that area. We decided to head down Bida’a for bit, and when passing by the palms it looked dead up front then heading down the street the it looked like traffic was at a complete standstill, we decided that we would head back at any sign of traffic. We took the U-turn and came back, even at Arjan/Chic everything was shutdown.

He said he heard that the Starbucks at the airport was open, since we just wanted something cold to drink we might as well try. We kept getting texts from people to avoid certain areas from traffic, but the 6th ring road was fun as usual and the airport road was lots of fun. We got to the airport parked our bikes in an open area. I think they should start fining people for parking in handicap without a plaque, just like the states a $250 fine would keep you out of that spot for sure. We even told two people not to park their cars there, it pisses me off.

So we went inside the airport and it was packed, it even smelled bad at the entrance. Once you get in you can breath, and to our surprise the Starbucks was open. As we were walking to it we kept saying hello to people we knew, and they were just going there instead of staying home. We left after finishing the cold drinks, the funny part is I think we spent more time saying hello to people then sitting there. We wanted to be riding but we needed a cold drink and a quick stop, and as it turned out the Starbucks at the airport was the only one.

All The Way And Back

Up at 6:30 am trying to get out of bed to enjoy the nice cool Friday morning. My phone kept ringing since Monichum and Vampire were up earlier then me as usual. I tend to stay up late when they sleep in to wake up earlier, I’m always the last one to get there. We had a full day planned ahead of us, I filled up gas at the Miseela gas station as usual, and you could see a few bikers on the road. Then headed straight to Bida’a Starbucks which seems to be open at 6 or 7 even on a Friday morning. It was perfect start to the morning, I get my Raspberry Frappacino and doughnut since I was starving.

We were heading to Bnaider to meet up with a friend, we were supposed to go have lunch at his beach house but we all had things to do. So we decided to take the route there and enjoy the ride, we were having a blast flying around at such a high speed on the empty roads. The funny part is that I haven’t been to Bnaider in sometime to visit someone. We got there in 45 minutes taking our time, we got there around 9:20 am and it took 10 minutes to find the Beach House based on his elaborate directions. Finding the beach house wasn’t too hard, but we got to the sea side he was sailing with a friend. Now that looked like it was fun, they were on this sail that was moving at a good pace.

We talked for a while, and it seems he will be getting a bike very soon, so we might have a fifth join us very soon. We left the Beach house around 10:15 to make it to our breakfast appointment at 11:00 am at Marina with some of the guys, we took off flying down the highway. I switched bikes with Monichum, he took Pyro and I rode his 749S, Ducati knows how to make Sports Bikes. I was enjoying the ride and I lost 95% of my restrictions riding like a nut case on this light machine, it made it very easy to turn and cut around traffic. We were flying to Marina, and it took us about 37 minutes to get there from Bnaider, we would have gotten there faster if it we all didn’t run out of gas and had to stop at Manguf to fill up gas. I’m just happy I remembered that they had green gas. When we stopped at Marina the BMW Motorcycle Club just got there, so we joined them for a bit before changing table to order our food. After all that intense riding all morning we were starving.

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