Good Will


A lot of accidents happen in Kuwait, and there are a lot of angry people on the road, that I see everything morning, angry men and women honking nonstop. There isn’t a lot of common courtesy these days which is disappointing, but at the same time I never give up hope or be courteous to people who do signal. It annoys me when I signal and have to get to an exit and people drive fast to block me so I don’t get in front of them, this happens a lot and most of the time I let people through. I for one do have road rage issues and I do get pissed on the road a lot but I try not to do anything wrong to someone while driving intentionally or unintentionally. But the people who drive me mad are the people who slow down to look at any accident or small bumper to bumper when thankfully nothing is wrong with the people.

In this case this shows me that people do have the will to help others, on the Airport Road (50) I just got off from the 6th ring road and 360 Mall was on my right. As I was getting to the exit for the fifth ring road under south surra bridge we suddenly see a lot of smoke and a big bang and everyone starts braking. Then I see a white car in the air about 100 meters in front of me to the right. I was all the way on the left and as I got closer it was a white 4 door Hilux flipped over and people ran to it, the weight of the car was on the people inside and they couldn’t get them out. So within minutes there were at least 10 men, they tried to push it and within seconds they become 20, they pushed the car and more people joined and they flipped it over and started to pull people out of the wreckage. I called 112 and stayed on the line and told them they needed an ambulance as fast as possible. When the police arrived, I left and that was all that could be done and inshalla the men inside that car survived. What gave me hope is to see so many people want to help those men, and put themselves in harms way to move that car because they couldn’t get them out, and every person from every nationality. I do believe in the inherent nature of humans to be good and seeing this only makes me believe it more, it still annoyed me that people were slowing down just to see but those who stopped did help.

The Accident

A little over a month ago I was driving on the inside of Mishref going to the NBK by the co-op. Its an internal road leading to it, two lane going and two lane coming. As I was driving down on a Saturday morning at around 8:15 am, I just needed to get some cash to pay for a few things and they have a drive through ATM. I was going about 30 kph, not in a hurry to get anywhere since I had only a few things to finish in the morning.

I could see the coop on the left side of the road about 300 meters down, and about 30 meters ahead there is a U-turn coming around. There was a Nissan Patrol on the other side of the road as I was driving, at that point I’m about 10 meters form oncoming u-turn when the car turns into the u-turn, and I thought that the person would stop, but I was completely wrong, the car continued and at this point I was traveling at 30 kph with about 7 meters from the U-turn and I slammed the brakes and made a hard right to avoid the car. I thought I could cut into the second lane but this lady went right through and I hit her car’s front end, I went on the garden of the first house went through the bushes to end up in the drive way of the second house. I was fine, the airbag didn’t come out, I was angry, very angry, I tried opening my door but because my left fender was pushed back I had to kick out my left door to get out.

I took a look at my car and I was devastated, my car was very damaged, but hamdilla I was fine. I called 777 then remembered it was 112 and reported the accident, they said go to a police station, I told them my car is not moveable and we need a police officer urgently. I was very very angry and tried calming myself, what kind of idiot would make a u-turn without stopping with a clear view of an oncoming car within a 7 meters of the u-turn and not even trying avoid me when she looked. The front left side of my Landcruiser was damaged and I hit her right fender and tire. The funner part is that my front bumper was coming off but the paint wasn’t damaged because of the Huperoptik protection on it.

(This is a very long story)
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Woman and Driving

I’m usually not the type of person to generalize but its hard not to feel there something very wrong when my car always gets hit by a woman, specifically muhajabah (Those who wear scarfs on their head), or they try to kill me while I’m on the motorcycle. I honestly don’t think any female has an intent to kill any person while on the road, and oddly enough its always a muhajabah who takes me out or hits me. This time it was the most annoying accident I have ever had, I’m happy it wasn’t a bad one but I was pissed as hell when my car was hit.

I’m in the left lane by the main Mishref Co-op and the right lane isn’t moving because a car is waiting for another car to exit. I’m moving about 5 kph per hour, snails pace and stopping when they stop when I hear I thump and painful metal screech. I moved and heard my car screech from the rear, I got out to find that a woman in a gold Jaguar four door hit my right rear passenger door. I pulled forward away from traffic and told her to stop behind me. I was pissed, very pissed, how in the hell could she hit me, I wasn’t moving and neither was her side. Her front left fender was bent and front left light was broken, while my door and rear right wheel well has a nasty dent. I spoke to her and she automatically said that I was moving too fast and she didn’t see me, I answered saying that I wasn’t moving and the car in front of me wasn’t moving and you hit me in the rear so if we go to the police station you would automatically at fault. She then said she is sorry because she was turning left when she was looking right so she won’t hit the car in front of her so instead she hit me, I tried to calm down because I saw she had a child in the car with her. I asked to speak to her husband and I will sort it out with him, I told her the damage is minimal on both cars please pay attention next time, then I spoke to her husband. I told him what happened and to check on his wife but everything is fine except for the damage, I asked him to come to the police station with me to state that I wasn’t at fault and I wouldn’t want anything from them except the police report as my insurance would cover it. I told her to go home and not to worry about anything, I calmed down but I was still really annoyed, its annoying that she wasn’t paying attention and tried to blame me right away but what calmed me down quickly is seeing the child with her and didn’t want to make the kid upset so I told her to go everything will be fine. Went to the police station three days later with the husband and sorted it out, we had to wait an hour for the accident investigator which is a short time from my experience, he was apologizing and asking to fix the car, I thanked him and said this is more then enough, I’m lucky that he was a good man because I know that being nice and letting the lady go I could have been screwed but I wouldn’t do it any other way. Still its very annoying, why don’t women pay attention, that is what freaks me out the most when driving people who don’t pay attention to the rode.

Ducatista Pain @ Indy GP

Now this is a painful scene for any Ducatista, a very large meet at the Indy GP the weather was raining and windy. Turns out that had a disastorous effect and knocked a lot of bikes over, it looks like a horrible scene from a movie, some of these bikes were very damaged. I feel sorry for the owner of 1098s Tricolore, that bike took a hell of a lot of damage. What a site to return to for people who had to ride back home. I know its mostly body damage and can be fixed, but still a painful site.

Link: Ducati MS Forum

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