Lacking In Skill


One of the things that I always wanted to learn is how to edit videos and put something decent together. I always admire quality video work and I always wonder how they did together and the team that put it together and the equipment. Sometimes I come to the realization that I should just try it, I planned so much and even thought about buying Final Cut Pro, I was really really wrong! I got a lot of equipment that I use for photography and I use a lot of it, and recently I had the courage to try to put together a video together from all the footage I had. I use my Canon 7D for all my video footage and Go Pros or Flips for tight spaces, I have a storyboard or image in mind, I can even describe how I want it to together but I do not have the technical skills to do it, I wanted to rectify that and gain those skills. Since this time around I thought to myself that I had no expectations and I had the right tools in mind to try it out easy with iMovie. I spent the first two hours trying to figure things out and then another out trying to figure out how to transition, I was going nuts, it was taking too long to do something my head thought it was too easy.

Bloggers That Have Made Amazing Videos:

I really need to take a few lessons from these guys! I respected the work they did and now I respect them even more, I have managed to make some headway but I’m going to take it easy and figure this out. It is very time consuming but the end result will be worth it once I get it all together and get the perfect clip. Hopefully I will keep learning and getting better footage and better ideas together. Right now I’m going to stick to the simpler editor before going to something more complex.

Fujitsu ScanSnap


For a while I was looking for a dedicated scanner which can perform a multitude of scanning tasks in all forms of papers. It connects directly to a computer and not a network scanner, there are other models which are network oriented from the same family. In my case I tried the S1500 and it is very efficient, scanning all forms of documents directly to pdf, integration into Quicken or Outlook depending on what you need, if its business cards, personal bills, or taxes.

The S1300 is portable, fast, light, efficient and costs $250. If your looking for something a little bit more heavy duty there is the S1500 which is shockingly fast, scanning 20 pages a minute, and if its double sided 40 pages a minute. At $450 the S1500 is the bigger brother with the extra features. And it comes to build quality the reviews of all the models in the Fujitsu ScanSnap speak wonders of them. If you scan a lot and like having all your documents digitized then this is a scanner for your needs at a decent price.

Link: Amazon
Link: Amazon


PDF -> Word

There has always been a time when you wanted to edit or to do something with PDF document but you couldn’t because its in the form of a PDF. The normal feature of changing a PDF back to its original form is quiet expensive and finding the right tool for it is sometimes annoying, but somebody came along and made this simple site which can change a PDF to .Doc or .Rtf format. I have taken some pretty intricate and complicated PDFs with images, styles, and formarts to see the output but this site has handled it wonderfuly. So a free conversion tool, this online tool from PDFtoWord does the job perfectly.

Link: PDFtoWord