Emirates Airline A380 Ceases Operations

It seems the cost of this plane isn’t being maintained by the routes its taking. For now the A380 or double decker going to New York has been suspended but still going to London. It seems Emirates Airlines are having more then just financial trouble these days. Its common knowledge that Etihad Airways owns a very big chunk of Emirates Airlines after running into financial trouble. Now they have to think about the routes they have and what to do with this huge plane. They could choose a different route, or lease it out, or rent it out, it would be pretty embarrassing if Etihad rented it. I think that Emirates really didn’t think about what they wanted to do with the planes before ordering them. I flew on the 777 LR to San Francisco and it was a fantastic plane, they need to plan their needs and not just go for the flashiest airline fleet. I have a feeling the next airshow isn’t going to have that many big orders or any orders for that matter.

Another Kuwait Airways Flight

It really is a story every time I go on Kuwait Airways. This time around I really didn’t a choice in the matter, it was due to the availabiliity of flights and timing with my meetings.

The Lounge
I haven’t used to the Lounge for Kuwait Airways before since I try to avoid taking this airline. Surprisingly the lounge is large and comfortable, big leather seats and the food seemed good. The wireless connection was very strong, and its the first time I see something good from Kuwait Airways. The only problem was that the staff were anouncing the flights wrong, and so I wasn’t being updated on my flight.

The Flight
It said gate 23 on my ticket, but turned out to be gate 22 which means you have to take a bus to the plane. There was nobody to organize the bus ride so the driver came and told us to get in, it is hot as hell outside and the A/C wasn’t working on the bus. We waited about 15 minutes for other people for no reason, it was ridiculous.

We got to the plane, it was an Airbus A320, I really don’t like those planes because of their configuration for any airline. When I walked in, it reminded me of 1988 and I don’t it was upgraded since then. I sat down in what was supposedly in business class and the seats were manual, I didn’t know their were still manual seats in these planes. As things progressed I had an assumption of the amount of time needed before take off. We were on the plane by 11:15 pm, the plane didn’t take off until 12:05 pm which cut things very close for the meeting. The worst part was the plane smelt like stale food throughout the flight, that was just disgusting. When the plane took off it made the weirdest noises and you never know when the plane is going to fall apart.