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Mac News:

  • Mac will be launching their App Store this coming January 6, which is the same start of CES in Las Vegas which Apple doesn’t attend. Now its going to be interesting to see the type of Applications that will be sold and at what price.


  • The social bookmarking website will be shutting down soon, I know some of us have been using it for all your bookmarking needs but it seems that Yahoo is shutting it down since its not performing as they hoped it would, so they are dropping it. You can export your bookmarks to HTML and use another service.

SimCity iPhone

There are a few games on the iPod Touch that I am really enjoying, its meant to burn some time whenever waiting. And there are a few games that I do look forward to but this is something really different. A full featured SimCity for the iPhone/iPod Touch and somehow they managed to make it work the Apple Touch instead of being a problem. It seems they have made it work and its going to be released this month, I will want to try it out but would probably require a good amount of time to get things going in that city.

link: Kotaku