MyUS Quick Shipping

The one thing that we all live by is online purchases in my case I buy movies, electronics, hardware , books, and pretty much anything else that comes to mind. The only issue I have is when it gets stuck in customs, there were times that it would get stuck for weeks with Aramex and a few times they would lose my product which drove me nuts.

In this case I switched to MyUS and I was very happy with them, quick to reply always taking care of my shipments. I could combine items and ship certain items, and you get choices to ship through FedEx, DHL, or a combination.

After shipping so many different kinds of items through multiple ways I figured out that the best way is to ship through DHL in somewhat of medium to small size package. Sometimes I combined a lot of packages into one big package and that would get stuck for at least 10 days, and with Aramex the smallest packages take at least four days. Now with DHL & FedEx if I ship it in a more compact size even if its combined it flies under their radar and I get it out of customs the second day.

Aramex & More Shipping Insanity


The last month of insane snow and cold in Europe and the US has shutdown airports and turned shipping into a logistical nightmare. I hear people complaining about not getting their items on time or not getting them at all. In my case its a mix of both, everyone from UPS to FedEX and the smaller shipping companies are facing issues in this weather and losing packages in the process. In my case one screen mount has been lost since it was delivered about two weeks ago to Aramex, I gave them the tracking number and hopefully it will reference something inside their system and they find it. Its been an annoying process but Christmas and New Years coming up means that there a lot less employees working meaning that they won’t find what they are looking for right away. I’m just hoping they find it soon as I would really like to mount my computer screens to the wall.

Currently Missing:

  • Screen Mount
  • Streetfighter Animation Book

I’m just hoping I get my things soon.

Delivery Holds


Recently I have gone on a little online shopping spree getting a variety of items, from electronics to books. I sent some to Aramex and some to MyUS account, and even from MyUS I shipped some items through FedEx and some through DHL. I basically broke down the shipments to see what would get caught and who would get through.

It seems that people aren’t working in Customs currently because its too hot, so they are leaving the containers outside and still fully packed. All my items arrived in Kuwait but nothing was being delivered, I spoke to Aramex, DHL, and FedEX and they all gave me the same reason, currently nobody is looking at the containers and we have to wait for them to clear it. A day later a few items were cleared such as toys, video games, and print work.

Now what got caught was based on these details:

  • Anything heavier then 10 KG – (Netgear Server)
  • Electronics – (A Shaver)
  • Books – (Comic Book Art & Halo Art)

In Kuwait they are unpredictable and lazy, we have become even worse then Saudi. All the shipping people say its a nightmare to ship to Kuwait when even Saudi is getting more organized then us.

The Latest Run Around

Its been about four to five weeks now since my Norco DS1500 debacle and I haven’t gotten any resolution at this point. I filed a legal letter with Kuwait Airways, Global Logistics and Customs but I haven’t gotten any where. I have even called some people I know and they basically told that I would have to file a lawsuit to see any money and it isn’t really worth it. The problem is that Aramex did deliver to Kuwait, it was lost by the handlers of customs. Looks like I got the short end of this stick, and I don’t think I want to file a lawsuit against customs or Kuwait Airways at this point. If I left it with Aramex I could have gotten into an argument with them and gotten something out of them but now can’t do anything, this is frustrating.

Our Lovely Customs

I ordered the Norco DS-1500 Sata Storage to incorporate into my Rack Server, planning a very interesting build. I have had it in my Amazon Cart for about 6 months, and I at last decided to buy it as of three weeks ago. Around the 20th of June it came into Kuwait and there was a problem at customs, I knew something was going to happen just wasn’t sure what. The smart people at Aramex listed this Sata Storage device as a sporting goods on the manifest, so how surprised were the customs guys when it looked like a box with a bunch of wires. So automatically they held the box so Aramex contacted me asking for the invoice, I told them the invoice is inside the box and I decided to finish the paperwork myself.

Went to the customs guy and finished all the paper work necessary, they just asked for the MOC clearance for the product. I know that usually they will clear it quickly. The box was opened one day so the next morning I went to the MOC and that took sometime, more then I thought was necessary since I had to find the head of the MOC clearance department and he was taking a longer break then usual, as the secretary said. I didn’t have time to go to the customs so I thought I would go the next day. When I went the next day they couldn’t find the box, I went to Kuwait Airways and they said they returned the box to Global Logisitics for storage. It has been over four days now and I have sent formal letters to both Kuwait Airways and Global Logistics regarding my Sata Storage and nobody seems to be giving me the time of day, I’m bouncing back and forth between the two and they are both denying that any of them had kept it or the other received even though I was with the customs guys when they returned and it has been over a week and I’m asking for financial damages to paid for the item as well as the shipping that I paid for it. Lets see how this all works out and how long it will take, and the customs guys are saying that Kuwait Airways and Global Logistics are responsible for holding the items.

Super Aramex

In mailbox: 23/8/08

In Kuwait: 24/8/08

This really doesn’t make any sense, I have never seen something delivered this quick, let alone somebody to get from the US to Kuwait that fast. I saw the item arrive in my mailbox by the 23rd of August and I have it delivered by the 24th is nothing short of a miracle, I don’t know if this was a mistake or a few changes taking place but I hope it continues that way.

Aramex Tracking?

I have had this issue for a few months now with Aramex, its not with their service but more with their website. Right now I’m waiting for the dual wan network balancer but its still stuck in customs, it just says delayed delivery with no specifics, its probably stuck in customs so I have to follow up on it myself or I won’t be seeing it anytime soon. The funny part is that whenever I get a delivery in the mailbox in the US, it registers it but then there is no update until it is out for delivery in Kuwait, but for the UK mailbox there are updates at every point. Now they just have to fix the updates for the US mailbox, and I have to get my items out of customs or I won’t be seeing it this week.