Ali Al Salem Base – Open House

I got a message from Uptill1 Friday night that from 8:30 am until 2:00 pm people are allowed into the base with a few machines to show, I was not going to miss this opportunity. I saw the pictures from last time and I didn’t want to miss out on it, military machines are beyond cool. I have been to a few military bases before, and they are very thorough when you are going through the gate. This time around they just asked who told you, wrote down the name, you park your car and get on the bus to be taken to the airfield.

At first I didn’t have a clue where Ali Al Salem Base was but thanks to Google Maps the directions were easy and clear, and I got there pretty quickly. One thing though, they installed A LOT of new cameras on the 6th ring road. When we got on to the runway you see a few fighter jets that were used during the GulfWar and a few helicopters to your right and one of them is the Amir’s Emergency helicopter, from what I heard he has a new one and this is just an Emergency helicopter which was still cool to see.

You could step inside most of these planes and helicopters which was pretty cool. I then got attracted to the Apache Attack helicopters, I have always played them in games and this is the first time I have seen them in real life and they are amazing. There was the Kuwaiti version and the American version, the American one seemed newer and better maintained but still they both looked menacing.

I kept walking around with so many things to see, there were horses prancing around and a live band but I was honestly to busy gawking at this beautiful works of art. I do love military hardware, there were some dud missiles hanging off the wings of the Fighter Jets, but being up close right next to them is still intimidating. There was a MATV which is basically the replacement of HUMVEE and they had decommissioned grenades and rocket launchers for people to play with, even a couple of AK47s. Personally I wasn’t going to take a picture of myself with those things like some people were doing, I prefer to travel to Western Countries without getting a cavity search. There were some cool Army Fire Fighting Trucks and kids were shooting the water hose which was pretty cool.

What caught my eye were there very large machines, the C-130 Hercules, B-1B Lancer, and the C-17 GlobeMaster. I loved these the most, they were huge, the B-1B Lancer is a Bomber, it’s basically a gigantic jet and can carry a huge payload of bombs. The C130 Hercules is a large transport plane, you can carry a car and several soldiers. The Globemaster is just something else, it can carry 2-3 cars and 2 dozen soldiers, that thing is humongous. If Bruce Wayne ever needed a plane to transport his toys then it would be this one, I seriously was amazed by it’s size pictures do not do it justice, it is like a flying warehouse but a lot tougher.

This was probably one of the funnest tours I have gotten yet, and honestly every should have gone, but too bad it was only open from morning until afternoon and just by luck I heard about it. I’m surprised it isn’t advertised. There were a lot of American Soldiers there and they were having a good time too, a lot of families and kids everywhere, but it didn’t seem like it was fully open to the public, but still I will be going next year hopefully when they do it again.


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Review: Act Of Valor

An elite team of Navy SEALs embark on a covert mission to recover a kidnapped CIA agent.

This isn’t your usual movie, and the people recruited for this movie were real soldiers, this isn’t an Oscar movie, it has a real feel to it and a few actors in the right place. The movie revolves around a US Navy Seal Team, and then they slowly piece together a threat against the United States which in turn puts them in different areas to fight for more intel and the bad guys. What these guys lose in acting they make up for in passion, and at some points it feels like the game Battlefield Modern Warfare, you are right behind the scope from point to point against the bad guys. Don’t expect a high level of acting just enjoy the simple story and the ridiculous action. Worth watching if you have the time.

Link: IMDB

Swedish Military


Now I wouldn’t want to get on this woman’s bad side, didn’t know Sweden had an female military on the front line in Afghanistan. She seems to be having a very intense moment with her gun, and looks like she knows how to use it. It takes a skilled photographer to get a natural shot like that.


Current Reading

With a million things going on and a lot of shows to watch I haven’t had much time to read these days, but I decided a few weeks ago to start reading some of the books which are piling up. The hardest part is choosing the book to start with, and all of them are very different. I just decided to read the books that I will find most interesting and entertaining at the moment.

  • Tokyo Vice
  • Haliburton’s Army
  • Enemies & Allies

Review: The A-Team

I knew this movie is going to be a fun movie, but not as good as it turned out to be. They redifined mindless fun, you just can’t get enough explosions, bullets flying and insane stunts. In the original the show revolved around BA “Barracus” or Mr.T and Murdock, Face and Hannibal weren’t that great, but this time around Barracus had the same attitude that people could relate to plus a little more originality, Murdock in the movie is a total nut case in the movie, he was fantastic, and Face was fantastic in the movie as well. The movie did the original A-Team justice, while adding some charm to them and making it one hell of an entertaining movie. Lee Neeson did a fantastic job as the fearless leader of this unstoppable team, and Sharlot Copley provided the perfect character as Murdock and most if not all the laughs in the movie. The A-Team managed to bring in a lot of laughs, some great action, and plenty of nods to the original

Link: IMDB

Mexico’s Drug War

I read up on this every once in a while, but these pictures are eerie and amazing at the same time. You always hear people say pictures are worth a thousand words, I think these pictures speak a lot about the Drug War. This is one amazing photographer or photographers who took these pictures, check out the link for more pictures.

Link: TheBigPicture

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