Review: Astro Boy

Now this is something I have been waiting for a while, a remake of the old Japanese Animated tv show which we all knew and enjoyed. I expected a lot for this movie, its probably a build up from childhood memories but the story isn’t exactly what I expected or the voices, honestly Nicolas Cage was a bit annoying as Dr. Tenma but Astro Boy was a good character. Astro Boy is built from the memories of Dr. Tenma’s son and he set off to find himself after he discovers that he is a robot. Now the story has some twists and turns, but always entertaining, humoring with the laws of robotics and the attitude that humans take to robots even though their artificial intelligence allows them to understand humans clearly. An entertaining movie, I honestly expected something a little edgier but it was a lot of fun to watch.

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Astro Boy – Trailer

I can’t wait until November to see this movie, the trailer looks fantastic and the storyline is somewhat refreshing. All I remember is watching and loving this anime from back in the 80s, its even before I knew I was watching anime. They have done an excellent job in preserving the feel of Astro Boy since they put it in this retro looking future, and this trailer is a little longer so now I’m even more excited to see it.

Astro Boy Trailer

I remember hearing something about this but here it is. They have made Astro Boy the movie, I remember this back in the 80s when we used to watch it on TV. I don’t remember everything, but all I remember is that I loved this TV Show, and now they turned it into a movie. The animation seems really interesting, and they have chosen a certain time period in the future, looks like the future from the 50s. Check out the trailer at Trailer Addict, which looks pretty good, I’m just hoping they don’t ruin my memory of this tv show.

Link: TrailerAddict