Movies From The Weekend


The weekend filled with hit movies, so many great movies for the weekend and at the top of the list to watch was The Great Gatsby. I have seen Iron Man 3 and I do want to see it again, and then there is The Heat is a comedy I want to see. Man Of Tai Chi is an interesting Martial Arts movie starring Keanu Reeves, this I am really looking forward to watching during the right time.

  • Iron Man 3
  • The Heat
  • Pain & Gain
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Epic
  • Man Of Tai Chi


Longboarding Adventure – Insane Speeds!

Another crazy video from Devin Supertramp, he started off with just videos with friends and making them more alive and more fun, and now taking adventure to another level. This video is about the crazy sport of longboarding, and they are insane people with amazing balancing skills, taking these boards up to ridiculous speeds and faster then some cars, these men are braver then me, and they make it look so easy.

Hardware To Try


Got my latest delivery from MyUS, and its always like a Christmas delivery, even though you know what are in the boxes, you don’t know how they packed them and the excitement of opening the boxes is always something to look forward to. As usual I had some electronics in the mix which delays items from clearance but I was expecting that, at least with all the items in the box weren’t open.

In The Box

  • Leap Motion
  • Amped Wireless Access Point
  • Amped Wireless Outdoor Access Point
  • Boosk Galore

The Amped Wireless wifi is ridiculously powerful and from the statistics, they are impressive hardware so I was looking forward to getting my hands on them and trying them out. The Leap Motion I have had on Preorder for a while now and finally getting it to try it out, feels like Minority Report the first time I played around with it.

Kuwait Blogs Suck

Ok someone called me and told me to check this blog and I thought it was hilarious. A man or woman is criticizing blogs, and in this case I think its a man, and I was one of the targets and honestly I found the post to be hilarious. It’s been a while since we have had a blog that roughs up the water and takes shot at people, some are ligitimate and some are not. In my case I’m getting called out for my reviews: “zdistrict’s Reviews Mean Nothing

Honestly I just love movies so much and I’m easily entertained, I take movies for what they are entertainment, some suck and some are fun, and the ones that really suck I don’t even bother writing a review about them. But he does have a valid point, some times I need to write about these crappy movies too but then again I just don’t bother with them. Still a funny post by KuwaitBlogsSuck!

You can check out this blog here: KuwaitBlogsSuck

Hahaha Mark got called out too, but his were on his pictures. Seriously this blog might be offensive to some people but some parts are pretty funny even if the facts aren’t completely true. This is going to be interesting, you have to love a bit of contreversy.

Apple vs. Samsung – Battle Of The Giants

The Verdict is out and Samsung took a major hit, for $1Billion and that could triple in Damages. The verdict didn’t take too long at all, the lawyers have been bickering for months on every little detail but Apple pulled the final punches and sealed the deal for Samsung. Lets not kid ourselves Samsung did copy a bit, but not so much that they would damage iPhone’s profit, and I think they should have paid some licensing fees, but $1Billion is a bit over the top in this case. But in reality Samsung has been the only major competitor against Apple and they have improved because of that, they may have copied a few designs initially but Samsung has developed its own line which has taken off and they are still a major contender in the market.

Apple is even looking to ban the sale of several of Samsung’s products in the US, The Verge.

This will have a bit of a slow down for some companies since a lot of companies (HTC, Google, Motorola, LG, …) are in court battles with Apple over different and similar patent issues. Some cases they will win and some they will lose, but I still think that Apple does see Android as a threat but they are more then confident of their product and I can’t blame them. Still I think that Android has reached a point where it is on par with Apple even with its defects, and Apple does have its own issues, but lets see where this verdict will take us next.

But you can’t get to the long run without paying attention to the short run. Samsung’s decision to ape Apple wasn’t the most graceful strategy in tech history. But faced with an emergency—a “crisis of design”—copying was the best Samsung could do. And it paid off handsomely.

This article in Pandodaily puts things in perspective, at how things developed in the telecom industry and how the major providers have changed drastically since 2007 and what might take place in the near future. Everyone remembers the battle between Nokia & Sony-Ericsson for supremacy, and those days have gone by so quickly, with different players at the table and Apple at the head.

Ramblings Of A Mad Man

For a lot of people things slow towards the end of Ramadan and the first week after, but in my case it has been insane. I haven’t even had much online time the last two weeks, I’ve been busy getting a ton of work done plus family obligations the last few weeks have been a top priority.

I even had a ridiculous 16 hour trip to Dubai and back for work, and I didn’t even have a chance to watch a movie. The crazy thing is that since Wednesday 7am until about Friday 11 pm I couldn’t sleep, I thought I just my sleeping patterns during Eid but it seems something was off. Those few days were insane, I was on weird power surges, I would get insane energy and a few times I would just take a 20 minute nap and then wake up and keep going. The most frustrating thing was that I was in bed and staring at the wall, I even kept the laptop away so I could try to fall asleep but nothing. I even ate so much Thursday and thought the food coma would put me to sleep and it almost did but I passed the window of opportunity and just didn’t sleep Even Friday night when I did go to sleep I woke up at 5 am and since then my sleep has been somewhat adjust back to early mornings, I didn’t even make up for the lost days of sleep.

The good thing during that time I managed to catch up with a lot of shows, but I still have so many to watch. I think I would like about 2 months of to catch up with everything then go back to normal life. I have managed to

One major thing that has taken me a lot of time is some major home reorganization and clean up. It has taken me days, and it is basically cleaning out almost 20 years with of stuff. Plus I found the old StarTV Satellite receiver from 1991 and a betamax and VCR player in our old storage in the basement. It was taking a lot of time to go through all those items, I even found some old parts from my 1997 Chevy Suburban.

With all things going on, I feel like I’m not getting anything done, but I’m slowly finishing a few of these major tasks at a time. Plus I’m doing a major overhaul of my Storage Unit and Media Player System, so I have that going on as well. Multitasking is the name of the game, and I need to make a few clones of myself to get everything I want done and some sleep.

(The picture is from Yelp Offices, and I love the Mach 5 on the table.)

Movie Marathon Break

I hope everyone is enjoying their Eid break, I for one am back to work but the streets were empty this morning so I’m assuming some people took the week off which is smart. This Eid break for us was simply about being lazy and completely relaxing, so with all those movie lists we had a few insane marathons, some guys passed out, some guys made it through and some watched more then me. This is just going to be a simple wrap up and some we have watched before but they were too good to pass up.

The List Of Movies We Watched:

The Avengers – Watched it twice, this movie is amazing
Battleship – Transformers but with Aliens, lots of fun
The Dictator – Damn its a funny movie

Freelancers – Think Training Day with Denzel Washington, and put in Robert De Niro, and the main character this time is 50 Cent, but also Forrest Whittaker is in it and he is pretty good. I was impressed with 50 cent, he wasn’t terrible, he had a slight mumbling problem but the movie was pretty intense, I liked it.

Three Stooges – We wanted to laugh and thought to put in this movie. It was a bit too kiddy for our taste so we stopped the movie about 30 minutes in and switched to something else. So skip it.

A Thousand Words – The new Eddie Murphy family comedy, and it wasn’t too bad, it felt a little like Dr Doo Little but this time he faced a life altering situation, and its the usual Eddy Murphy style. If you like Eddy you like enjoy the movie, its one of those easy light movies to watch.

The Movie List

Eid weekend is upon us, and its going to be a rather long one so for this one I have a few movies piled up into the pipeline. Some are blockbusters like The Dictator, and The Hunger Games and some are not, and a few Asian movies thrown into the mix. I know for sure I’m going to watch The Dictator again, its just that funny, and Raid The Redemption is at the top of my watch list at the moment.

  • The Hunger Games
  • Bernie
  • Sofia
  • The Lucky One
  • Bachelorette
  • The Pirates! Band of Misfits
  • The Dictator
  • Choy Lee Fut
  • Himizu
  • The Rise And Fall Of The White Collar Hooligan

Eid Mubarak


Eid Mubarak to everyone, it has been a very interesting Ramadan, it honestly has gone by quickly and I did enjoy Ramadan this year but was missing a few family. Its only going to get hotter for the next few years but this one wasn’t that bad. Now to enjoy a nice four day vacation even though some of us have to do some work in the mix. I’m going to try to utilize as much fun and relaxing time as I can.